Synlawn Sacramento

SYNLawn Sacramento is your go-to source for setting up an artificial grass lawn for your home or business. We serve Sacramento, CA and other surrounding areas in Northern California, including Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, Davis, and Citrus Heights with premium synthetic grass lawns.


At SYNLawn Sacramento, we install synthetic turf of only superb quality. This exceptional quality is due to our artificial grass being made in our own manufacturing facility. Basically, the control we have over our product ensures excellence.


Because of the quality of our artificial grass, it is no wonder why SYNLawn is the chosen brand for residential, commercial, and golf greens. Our synthetic grass is also recyclable, environmentally friendly, and very long lasting.

Commercial Turf

At SYNLawn, we have a vast array of artificial turf products that can be installed in a wide variety of commercial settings. Not only does our synthetic grass look amazing, but businesses also can expect to actually save money due to drastic reductions in maintenance fees and water usage.

Pet & Dog Turf

When it comes to artificial turf for dogs and pets, we at SYNLawn are the #1 manufacturer of synthetic pet grass. A major reason why our pet turf is so popular with pet owners is due to its durability. No matter how aggressive or energetic your pet is, our artificial turf can handle it.

Artificial Grass
Pet Turf
Pet Grass
Synthetic Turf

Residential Synthetic Grass

Not only is our artificial turf delightful to look at, but it also saves you money. With SYNLawn, you get amazing looking grass that pays for itself due to eliminating costs of maintenance, fertilizer, and water. This means more money in your bank account and more time to take back your weekend and do other things besides mowing your lawn.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

For all you “do it yourself” types out there wanting to do your own artificial grass project, we have what you need to get started. Our products are easy to maintain and install. On top of that, we also have educational resources to teach you all you will need to know, such as care and maintenance practices.

Locations we serve

We proudly serve the entire Sacramento area including but not limited to the following:



Citrus Heights



Fair Oaks








North Highlands

Rancho Cordova


Rio Linda




Walnut Grove

West Sacramento


Why Pick Synthetic Turf?

Financial Savings

Synthetic grass doesn’t come with all the additional costs of live grass. With artificial turf, you can save thousands in cash since you won’t have to worry about watering and maintenance fees.


Compared to live grass, artificial turf saves a dramatic amount of water. Indeed, savings can be up to 40,000 gallons of water per year for a lawn that is 800 square feet. This level of water preservation makes a difference in the drought-ridden climate of Sacramento.

Year-Round Activity

With synthetic grass, there is no need to worry anymore about grass becoming brittle and brown or overgrown. You will be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities throughout the year.

Summertime brings fun but also can bring dry and dangerous conditions.

Learn about SYNLawn Fire Safety Ratings.


Why You Should Choose SYNLawn


With decades of experience, you can trust us to provide you with what you need for any turf application.

Lifetime Warranty

Due to us not outsourcing any of our services, we can confidently offer our customers a lifetime warranty on any of our quality products.

Over 200,000 Successful Installations

With over 200,000 completed installations, we have the skill and expertise to tackle any Sacramento, CA artificial grass projects you may have.

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