Roseville Artificial Grass Installation

Roseville residents are consistently captivated by the awe-inspiring appearances of our ultra-realistic and plant-based Sacramento artificial grass. Our Roseville artificial turf installations take the financial and physical hassle out of maintenance.

With over 50 years of research and development instilled in SYNLawn® synthetic turf, we are able to provide Roseville landscapes with the most realistic, sustainable, and pet-friendly lawn solutions that look great all year long. Our exclusive technologies and artificial grass features set us apart from every other competitor in the industry. Our Super Yarn™, HeatBlock™, and soy-based EnviroLoc™ backing technologies allow us to provide stain, odor, and mud-free lawns that offer cooler surface temperatures, unrivaled realism, and superior durability through every season.

Artificial golf grass installation with sand trap
cornhole installed on artificial grass restaurant patio

Roseville Commercial Artificial Grass

Our commercial customers choose to install our Roseville artificial turf over the competitors because of the superior quality of our products and installations. Our Roseville commercial lawns provide exclusive benefits, unmatched realism and durability, high performance, and numerous enhanced safety benefits. Property owners save an incredible amount of money on maintenance and water bills with a Roseville artificial turf installation.

Shopping centers, hotels, apartments, municipalities, schools and more, can all benefit from utilizing a cleaner and higher quality lawn solution for their landscapes. Between the incredible resilience to heavy foot traffic and contribution to environmental safety, commercial facilities can’t go wrong with SYNLawn® synthetic turf installation. It will keep your landscape looking brand new and gorgeous all year long and will last for many life cycles thanks to our recyclable materials and EnviroLoc™ backing system.

PGA-Caliber Roseville Golf Greens

At SYNLawn® Sacramento, we provide PGA-caliber golf greens Roseville residents can enjoy all year long from the comfort of their backyard or office space. Designed with the help of professional golf coach Dave Pelz, our Roseville putting greens are perfect for golfers of all ages and skill levels. They are specifically engineered to provide the most authentic performance without the need for strenuous maintenance found with real grass and competing golf green turf installations. SYNLawn® Sacramento artificial golf turf provides many unique features and benefits including:

A realistic putting experience with a natural ball roll and slow down elements
No water can settle beneath the putting green turf and wash the base out
Effective drains added to each cup to prevent the backfill of water and mold growth
Ability to install LED lights in each cup, bunkers, sand traps, tee boxes, and more
Extremely tough surfaces to allow chipping practice without damaging the turf
Product developed by world-renowned golf coach Dave Pelz
Engineered by an ex-NASA engineer to imitate natural grass as close as possible
The most convenient way to practice your short game

Commercial putting green installed by SYNLawn
Multi colored jungle gym equipment installed on SYNLawn Artificial Grass

Roseville Playground Turf Systems

When designing school and municipal playgrounds, the single most important consideration is the safety of the children. SYNLawn® takes this consideration into account from the beginning of our playground turf manufacturing process. We design and manufacture our Sacramento playground grass in the USA with plant-based materials such as sugar cane and soybean oil.

In addition, we enforce our playground grass with proprietary technologies to provide cleaner, softer, and safer surfaces for our kiddos to enjoy. During our Roseville playground installation, we add Fall Pad® shock absorption padding beneath the turf to aid in injury prevention. Under heavy traffic areas such as beneath the swing sets and at the base of the slide and jungle gym entrance, we can also add our Trample Zones™. Trample Zones™ are incredibly resilient turf landings that can easily replaced after extensive use to further extend the safety timeline of your Roseville playground turf flooring installation.

Furthermore, SYNLawn® Roseville artificial playground turf is manufactured and tested to meet the exceptionally high standards necessary to be granted IPEMA certification, ADA compliance, and ASTM E108 Class A fire ratings. SYNLawn® playground systems are undoubtably the safest enhancement to any playground.

Roseville Pet Turf is Safe, Clean, and Durable

We love pets and we know that you do too! At SYNLawn®, we have created artificial pet turf that is perfect for your active pet, providing safety, stain and odor resistance, cooler surface temperatures, substantial durability, and an elegant appearance. No more muddy paws in the house! In the summertime, you can enjoy the benefits brought forth by our HeatBlock™ technology. HeatBlock™ is designed to reduce thermal emissivity to provide cooler surface temperatures on hot and sunny days. Roseville artificial pet turf from SYNLawn® is free of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and is coated with a highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and pet odors. Sanitized® also removes unwanted pests from the yard such as fleas and ticks.

In addition, your pets and other rodents will not be able to dig holes in your artificial lawn thanks to our soy based EnviroLoc™ backing system, especially with an added gopher mesh subbase. To further prevent odors caused by pet waste, we also use a pet friendly Envirofill® sand infill. Envirofill® helps to keep turf blade in their natural upright position while simultaneously eliminating pet odors by eradicating odor-causing bacteria.

Dog playing on artificial grass

Roof, Deck, & Patio Turf Installation in Roseville, California

Many people today have unused or awkward space on their rooftops, decks, or patios. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you too can transform your outdoor living areas with SYNLawn® Sacramento artificial grass. Create your new favorite gathering place to take a break from work, meet with friends, or spend time with your family. With UV-stabilized yarns, your installation’s natural hues will remain vibrant all year long even in direct sunlight.

Furthermore, our Roseville rooftop turf is part of a large collection of ASTM E108 Class A fire rated SYNLawn® turf. This fire safety rating is given to products that undergo strenuous testing to prove that it can dramatically slow the spread of fires to keep people and property safe.

Roseville Artificial Green Walls

VistaFolia® artificial living walls in Roseville, CA are one of the most luxurious methods to add rich colors and textures to your home and commercial designs. With this one-of-a-kind synthetic plant panel system, you can seamlessly link each panel to form any unique shape or utilize individual panels as a living wall art exhibit. VistaFolia® artificial foliage is ultra-realistic, created to mimic the natural motions of actual plants, is resistant to UV light and harsh weather, fire tested and certified, and can be customized with a range of 8 colors and textures. Roseville artificial plant walls from SYNLawn® Sacramento and VistaFolia® are also backed by a 5-year warranty!


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For over 50 years, SYNLawn® has dedicated itself to creating sustainable and technologically superior artificial grass products. We are happy to be serving our customers with the highest level of customer service, superior Roseville synthetic grass solutions, and the most precise installations. From artificial grass and golf green turf to vertical gardens, SYNLawn® Sacramento is committed to bringing all of your unique residential and commercial landscape design ideas to life. For more information on the services and products we offer, contact SYNLawn® Sacramento today to schedule a free consultation!

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