Artificial Turf for Commercial Rooftops

SYNLawn has the perfect solution for your commercial rooftop or balcony area. We have a variety of products that can cater to any application, from casual socializing areas to athletic courts—SYNLawn products give you the power to customize.

Patios, Decks, and Rooftops

The rooftop is the last place you would think to find grass, right? What about on your deck, patio or surrounding your pool? SYNLawn will transform these areas into lavish outdoor living areas that will enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces. Innovative solutions from SYNLawn offer a variety of creative possibilities for using grass in places you never imagined before. The SYNLawn Roof Deck solution creates several advantages for residential and urban life by providing greenery where there usually is none to be found. With less maintenance and a unique look, urban residential and commercial buildings can benefit from using SYNLawn for lightweight surface, easy installation methods, proper drainage, and in select products, a Class 1 fire rating.

Great way to use a neglected space

Generate new revenue or provide relief for patrons and pets alike

Class A fire rated and ADA compliant tested products

Add a much needed outdoor area for your pets if in a condo or apartment

Add square footage to your living space for kids or just a relaxing personal retreat

SynLawn Artificial Turf Commercial Rooftop Yoga
SynLawn Rooftop
SynLawn Rooftop Cheers
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