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Schools across the country are always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for their students and faculty. When parents or students look for their school of choice, a first impression can heavily influence their decision. Sometimes that can be something as seemingly simple as the landscaping or playground facilities. Sacramento artificial turf for schools provide the most luxurious appearances and provide safer lawn spaces, athletic fields, gyms, and playground facilities. SYNLawn synthetic grass offers ultra-realistic appearances and behaviors that mimic traditional grass. Our plant-based turf fibers and pure color pigments are what allow us to replicate these appearances and prevent SYNLawn Sacramento artificial grass from fading in harsh sunlight and hot temperatures. In addition, with their superior durability and performance, our products are perfect for athletic training and playground fun.

Unmatched Safety Standards and Exclusive Technologies in SYNLawn® Artificial Turf

Whether our children are fully grown or still in their early years, we are concerned as parents for their safety and general wellbeing. We want our children to fully enjoy themselves when they play with friends on the playground or practice their favorite sport, but we want them to do so safely. Our Sacramento artificial turf for schools provide the highest safety standards at every installation.

SYNLawn products include exclusive innovations and benefits such as:

  • Super Yarn™ technology includes antimicrobial, antistatic, and IR reflective enhancements
  • Omega Technology provides long-lasting blade integrity and keeps fibers in their upright position
  • EnviroLoc+™ is a multi-layered backing system that locks-in turf fibers to extend the life of SYNLawn products
  • HeatBlock™ technology cools surface temps up to 20% more than competitor brands
  • Optimal drainage to maximize drainage allows for immediate use after it rains
  • IPEMA certified and ADA compliant
  • Safe for kids of all ages
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made with recyclable materials sourced locally in the US
  • Turf fibers are made from sugar cane
  • Turf backing is made from soybean oil
  • USDA certified for having 60-80% bio-based contents
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Significantly conserves water
Green slide installed on commercial artificial playground grass from SYNLawn

We utilize and design our exclusive technologies to continue to disrupt the artificial turf industry and maintain our status as a leader of our market. For more than 50 years, we have researched and developed new ways to innovate our products to promote healthy, environmentally responsible, and safe surfaces. The possibilities for synthetic grass and its technologies are endless, and we intend to explore every option we can to outfit schools and school districts with the finest landscapes Sacramento has ever seen.

Multi colored jungle gym equipment installed on SYNLawn Artificial Grass

Super Yarn™ Technology

At SYNLawn, we engineered an exclusive, first-of-its-kind turf yarn formula that combines three proprietary technologies at the molecular level to make it substantially more durability, sanitary, and safe. The three turf technologies found in Super Yarn include Sanitized® antimicrobial, DualChill IR reflective technology, and StatBlock antistatic.

First, Sanitized® antimicrobial actively eliminates 99% of germs as well as prevent stains and odors caused by bacteria and animal waste. Sanitized antimicrobial works to protect kids from harmful infections. Next, DualChill™ IR reflective technology prevents infrared light from being absorbed into turf fibers, thus, increasing the longevity of our gorgeous and natural looking color pigments. Finally, StatBlock™ anti-static technology prevents the accumulation of static electricity, which increases safety and comfort.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant-based Turf Backing System

The multi-layered EnviroLoc+ backing technology acts as a safeguard, ensuring long-lasting grass fibers, and increasing product lifespan. This ecologically friendly component is manufactured locally with the help of US farmers using environmentally sustainable resources such as sugar cane and soybean oil. EnviroLoc+ provides perfect drainage, allowing our synthetic grass to be used almost immediately after water contact, while conserving massive amounts of water throughout the year.

  • Features a durable 2-part woven backing for enhanced durability and a fuller tufted look
  • Less fiber loss to ensure a longer lasting turf installation
  • Reduces algae and fungi growth to help alleviate allergies in the environment
  • The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn artificial grass reduces the impact on landfills, eliminates emissions from lawn care tools, and saves precious water resources
  • Incorporates Sanitized® Antimicrobial to fight airborne allergies caused by algae and fungi as well as aid in odors caused by bacteria buildup
Commercial artificial playground grass from SYNLawn

Longer Lasting Vibrance with HeatBlock™ Technology

HeatBlock technology provides school lawns featuring SYNLawn artificial grass with significantly cooler surface temperatures. Since temperature management is one area in which artificial grass has traditionally fallen short, SYNLawn engineered a revolutionizing turf technology to combat heat absorption. By reflecting sunlight and lowering surface temperatures, HeatBlock reduces heat accumulation and thermal emissivity. When compared to other artificial grass brands, this incredible technology can reduce surface temperatures by up to 20%. More than any other synthetic grass on the market.


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