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We all want to make our pets feel happy and safe; with SYNLawn Sacramento California’s artificial grass, you can create the greatest outdoor experience for your dog with their own pet grass play area. Not only will your dog love running around on our pet turf, but you will love it too for its beauty, ability to drain water efficiently, being low maintenance, its durability, and much more.

Considerations For You In Picking The Best Pet Grass

Picking the best artificial grass system to suit your needs means fitting certain required criteria. This may involve things such as security measures for your dog, the size of the dog itself, and how often your dog will be using the synthetic lawn.


Hearing all your considerations and putting together a customized plan that is unique to you is what we do at SYNLawn in Sacramento, CA. If you desire your lawn to look a certain way, we can make that happen. If you want to have your synthetic grass tough enough to withstand 20 dogs running on it each day and playing Tug-Of-War with one another, we can make that a reality too.


Various factors we can work with you on to choose the best pet turf possible include:

Maintenance options

Size and number of your pet(s)

Enhanced security measures for dogs

Personal product preference

Size of pet lawn landscaping area

Duration per day anticipated that your pet will spend in the dog run or pet grass area

Benefits of SynLawn's Pet Turf

Always Have Beautiful Green Grass

While traditional grass is prone to drying out or even leaving dead patches, this won’t be the case with SYNLawn Sacramento’s synthetic grass. Seeing your lawn looking amazing will be a daily occurrence. And people won’t even be able to tell you are using synthetic pet turf!

Optimal Drainage

Our synthetic dog grass provides top-notch drainage to your lawn. So while a rainy day may leave large puddles in a traditional lawn, our synthetic pet turf won’t have that issue.

Control Odors

Having antimicrobial material is one major benefit you’ll get with SYNLawn in Sacramento, California’s pet turf. Because our pet grass has antimicrobial quick draining material, funky smells are kept in check. Cleaning up waste is also made simple.

Your Choice of a Wide Variety of Synthetic Turf Products

Offering you a wide variety of customizable products to choose from that fit your budget is something we are proud of at SYNLawn Sacramento. We provide you and your pet a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes to craft your dream landscape.

Pets and House Stay Cleaner

Stressing over your dog flinging himself into a giant puddle and then galloping through your house will be a thing of the past.

Added Security

Having concerns over your dog digging his way out of your yard to run after the mail truck will no longer be a thing. Because our pet grass is so durable and strong, it can handle the stress of any dog attempting to dig into it.

Healthy Environment

Having grass that is both non-abrasive and non-allergenic will certainly create a healthier environment for you and your dog to enjoy. With SYNLawn, you get a lawn that is allergen free and even anti-microbial.

Controls Rodents and Other Pests

The risk of your dog picking up parasites from our pet grass will be dramatically reduced. This is due to our synthetic pet turf not being a natural habitat for rodents, ticks or fleas to thrive in. In other words, you won’t have to be concerned about your dog picking up parasites and then bringing them into your house.

SynLawn Pet Dog

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SYNLawn Pet Premium

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