Golf Putting Greens in Sacramento, CA

SYNLawn designs and installs top-notch putting greens in Sacramento, CA. Our synthetic grass plays just like a natural grass green without the maintenance or upkeep cost. If you're ready to improve your short game, we're here to help!

Backyard Putting Greens

Every seasoned golfer knows the importance of their short game. Improving your putting and chipping skills can reap huge benefits on the course.

Installing a residential putting green is a surefire way to improve your handicap. After all, there's no reason to skip practice when you have a putting green a short stroll from your back door.

At SYNLawn, we'll work within your budget and space constraints to create a gorgeous golf green at your home. Our custom designs allow you to add in features that build complexity and provide a challenge, so you improve your game. Plus, our putting greens provide realistic responses, so everything you gain practicing at home will carry over to your favorite golf course.

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Commercial Putting Greens

Traditional turf putting greens take a ton of care and can cost a small fortune to maintain. Given the amount of wear and tear they tend to receive in commercial settings, natural grass doesn't always make sense.

Using artificial grass for commercial putting greens has many benefits. For one, maintenance is nearly effortless. For the most part, you only need to hose off any dust or pollen that accumulates.

Beyond that, with a SYNLawn putting green, you're not getting run-of-the-mill fake grass. We create our artificial turf to rival regular golf turf. Our putting greens provide consistent ball roll, minimal off-line deviation, and natural slow down, just like you'd find at your favorite golf course.

Our commercial putting greens can be installed at apartment complexes, indoor offices, parks, playgrounds and more.

Your customers, club members, and guests will love the natural grass feel. You'll love the reduced maintenance budget.

SYNLawn Golf Tee-Line


Synthetic grass putting greens from SYNLawn come with rave reviews. Here are just a few of the benefits our customers brag about.


We use recyclable products, like plastic water bottles, to build our real-grass-mimicking putting greens. That means the greens themselves are recyclable too!

If you decide to get rid of your putting green, perhaps to purchase a new, more challenging design, you can always call SYNLawn to help. We assist in artificial turf removal and recycling as well as installation.

Environmentally Friendly

At SYNLawn, we believe in caring for planet earth. We only use environmentally friendly processes to create artificial turf. In fact, we rely heavily on waste items, like single-use plastic water bottles and soybean pods, in our building process.

On top of that, our products help you treat the earth better! Our greens don't require watering and are naturally free of pests. You won't have to spray harmful chemicals like you would with natural grass.

Low Maintenance

Natural grass greens require hefty amounts of professional maintenance, typically at steep prices. With a SYNLawn faux grass putting green, maintenance is easy. A quick spray with the hose to remove pollen and dust is usually all you need.

Made in the USA

We have high standards for our products, and we like to control the manufacturing process from beginning to end, or "yarn to yarn," as we like to call it.

Contracting a part of the synthetic grass-making process to an overseas company isn't a possibility; our standards are too high. We proudly manufacture all of our putting greens and golf greens in Dalton, Georgia, USA.

Custom Designs

Putting greens don't come in a single shape and size. They're supposed to vary with the shape of your yard or commercial space. Setting a standard putting green in a standout yard or golf course ends up being an eyesore.

With a custom design from SYNLawn, you can create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind putting green that highlights your yard's beauty rather than detracting from it. Your golf green will never look odd or out of place. Rather, it will look like a professional designed it for your space, because they did!

Mimic Your Favorite Course

Golf courses are intriguing because each one is so unique! Hazards and course complexities make the game challenging and fun. You can mimic your favorite course's challenges with a custom golf green from SYNLawn.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.


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Why Choose SYNLawn Sacramento

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SYNLawn in Sacramento, California, is the best option for putting greens and golf greens in the Northern California area, and frankly, the entire U.S.


We provide easy-to-maintain, synthetic grass greens in custom designs that mimic the complexities of your favorite course. We only manufacture our artificial turf products in the USA, and we're good environmental stewards. Plus, our synthetic grass greens require no watering and no harmful chemical sprays. There's no reason not to call us for your putting green needs!

Start With A Free Consultation

You don't have to commit right away. We understand every artificial grass project is unique, especially when it comes to golf greens! That's why we offer free consultations on all our putting green services.

Call us today, and our experts will walk you through our design and building process, step-by-step. With SYNLawn, you can rest assured that you're getting the best in synthetic grass.

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