Super Yarn™ Technology

At SYNLawn Sacramento, we offer highly advanced artificial grass for homes, businesses, and other applications in Sacramento, CA. Over the last 20 years, we have researched and developed new ways to innovate in the artificial grass market and separate ourselves from our competitors. Super Yarn, our exclusive yarn technology, is considered a quantum leap in artificial grass technologies and has completely changed the way that our turf is manufactured. This first-of-its-kind yarn formula molecularly combines three of the industry's most unique components to help us create safer, cleaner, and greener artificial grass, making it an exceptional option for properties in Sacramento.

Sanitized® Antimicrobial

Whether you, your children, or your pets are going out to enjoy the lawn, we all want to ensure that we stay healthy and free of excess bacteria. For this reason, we implemented one of, if not the most effective, antimicrobials on the market today, Sanitized®, into the DNA of Super Yarn Technology. Sanitized® actively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria from our surfaces and controls odors that are left behind in pet waste caused by ammonia. Sanitized® has also been shown to alleviate respiratory allergens caused by the build-up of algae and other fungal production in your landscape. As a result, the artificial grass from SYNLawn Sacramento is cleaner and healthier for your home or business!

Drone shot of commercial artificial grass installation
Green slide installed on commercial artificial playground grass from SYNLawn

DualChill™ IR Reflective Technology

Over time, conventional grass and other artificial turf solutions can fade due to poor quality or too much direct sunlight. One of the ways that we prevent our nylon fibers from fading is through the use of DualChill technology. DualChill acts as a thermal shield and reflects IR light off of your surfaces to not only prevent fading but also keep surfaces cooler even during the summertime. DualChill thermal shielding can improve IR reflectivity by 42% when applied to our synthetic grass and will aid in promoting a longer life cycle and consistent, vibrant hues. This gives your cooler, more dependably beautiful artificial turf surfaces in Sacramento, California.

Super Yarn™ is Made in the USA

At SYNLawn Sacramento, we believe in taking every opportunity we can to be the premier provider of Sacramento artificial grass. As a result, all of our products and technologies, including Super Yarn, are manufactured in the USA. While it is very easy to order synthetic grass from other countries to try and save money, our team will never cut corners. That way, we can provide you with the highest quality at the most affordable price. We work closely with American farmers at our in-house facility in Dalton, GA. In our ISO 9001-certified facility, we can quality control our products and the technologies that go into them from start to finish to ensure a consistent experience for every one of our customers in Sacramento, CA.

StatBlock™ Anti-Static Technology

To create a more comfortable and non-abrasive synthetic turf, we knew we would have to find new ways to combat static build-up. This led us to incorporate StatBlock anti-static technology into the Super Yarn design. StatBlock is a carbon-based anti-static that inhibits synthetic turf’s ability to create static build-up. StatBlock is proven to reduce static up to 17 times more than any other competing artificial turf on the market today, making it easier to spend more time enjoying your landscape in Sacramento comfortably.

Super Yarn™ Helps Promote Sustainability

Super Yarn is part of the greenest and most sustainable synthetic turf on Earth. At SYNLawn Sacramento, our artificial grass products utilize the highest-quality plant-based materials to make them renewable, and Super Yarn backs them up to extend their longevity. This means we can substantially increase the performance and durability of our synthetic grass to increase its already extraordinary life span with the addition of Super Yarn. Finally, our Super Yarn technology helps to eliminate traditional maintenance, saving you time and money on lawn maintenance while also helping to conserve thousands of gallons of water and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

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