Indoor Putting Green Installation in Sacramento, CA

SYNLawn Sacramento is who residents call when they need indoor putting greens for their home or business. Golfers do not enjoy driving to the golf course through city traffic, where it’s common to end up still waiting for a tee time. Mother Nature can also throw a wrench in your plans with random rain storms, high winds, and other weather issues that cancel your golf game.

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With an indoor putting green from SYNLawn Sacramento, those days are gone. We have a long history of installing high quality putting greens for residents and businesses in Sacramento. Our install professionals are golfers and work with you to create the best indoor putting greens for your situation. Sacramento is known for its hot weather, stay out of the heat and enjoy putting in your own home or business.

Our team of professional installation experts also have extensive experience with mini golf course construction.

Artificial Putting Greens Are Durable

If you’ve ever visited a natural grass golf green, then you’ve likely seen divots in the ground, uneven areas, and more. Natural grass is great, but one aggressive putter can cause it to look like a warzone. 

Neglected or uneven grass makes playing golf almost impossible, but with indoor putting greens, that’s not an issue. Our high quality artificial turf handles the occasional rough putt and so much more. It won’t rip or crack due to use, and the green will always be in perfect condition. 

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Improve Your Golf Game

Every golfer knows that the best way to improve your golf game is through practicing your short game. You can’t make it to the links everyday or every weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the links to you. Indoor putting greens let you practice any time you’re at home.

If you have a day off and little to do, then practice your skills with artificial turf indoor putting greens. Did you have a long day at work and need to unwind a bit? Grab your putter and enjoy your putting greens!

Your friends will marvel at how fast your putting game improves. If you want to be the envy of all your golf buddies, then get indoor putting greens and practice whenever you have the chance.

Bring Over Friends and Have a Party

You don’t have to keep your artificial grass indoor putting greens to yourself. They’re perfect for sharing with friends and neighbors. Invite a few friends over and enjoy putting and seeing who is the best.

Make it a day filled with food, fun, and other activities. Indoor putting greens can be the centerpiece to your party as everyone gets a turn playing. Your parties will be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. If your friends love golf, then they’re sure to show up to your get-togethers.


Easy Maintenance

Natural grass has many limitations. It must be grown in the ground and watered regularly, plus it needs mowing, trimming, and weeding. The care and maintenance of natural grass is a pain no one enjoys.

Indoor putting greens are perfect for concrete, garages, or wood decks. They never need watering and never grow. They’re ideal for indoor activities and lack all the limitations of natural grass.

You could never have natural grass putting greens in an apartment or in your basement. It’s not logistically or practically possible. SYNLawn Sacramento provides you with everything you need for the perfect indoor putting green setup.


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