Break the Heat with HeatBlock™ Technology

If you live in a warmer climate or a location that is typically sunny for most of the year, you know very well that your landscape may get too hot for comfort. This can make relaxation difficult for children and pets during the summer months. Our mission at SYNLawn is to manufacture Sacramento artificial grass products that benefit our residential and commercial customers in as many ways as possible. Once again SYNLawn has a solution that is changing the way that consumers look at artificial grass installation in Sacramento. Synthetic grass, like dark clothing, can absorb and radiate heat, making it unpleasant when it's hot outside. In response, we developed the one and only heat-reducing technology that effectively fights back against the sun's rays.

HeatBlock technology is designed to allow SYNLawn customers to enjoy their landscapes all year long without the discomfort of the heat. Summertime, for example, is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation for friends and family to get together. A lot of us love to lay out in the sun to tan, but even when you lay out a towel you feel like your laying on an oven, and you can’t relax. With HeatBlock technology, grass fibers stay up to 20% cooler than any other grass alternative product on the market.

HeatBlock technology prevents our products from overheating and makes them comfortable to use all year. In order to accomplish this, we must deal with thermal emissivity. In physics, emissivity is the degree to which a material emits heat. HeatBlock artificial grass technology is the most efficient way for us to reduce emissivity in the surfaces we install for our clients. Our pigments reflect more infrared radiation and that is what allows our grass fibers to stay cooler in these hotter climates.

In addition to the unmatched benefits of our products, SYNLawn manufactures products with the strongest warranty against reflective light. The warmth and appearance of artificial grass are both greatly influenced by IR reflective light. This means that, unlike other manufacturers' products, SYNLawn Sacramento synthetic grass is protected against melting and fading when exposed to direct sunshine. Furthermore, HeatBlock Technology on SYNLawn artificial grass gives each grass fiber a finish that is less shimmery, softer to the touch, and less abrasive than other synthetic grasses, giving it a more natural look and feel.

Alternate view of a residential artificial grass installation by SYNLawn

Children and Pets Love the Difference Provided by HeatBlock™

SYNLawn products increase their safety even further with the inclusion of HeatBlock technology. Children and pets can enjoy our products safely as a result and you won’t have to worry about them burning their feet or paws. During the summer for example, when we spend time with family, friends, co-workers, and more we tend to do so by the grill or by the pool. A lot of us may even want to relax in the grass to dry off and traditional grass makes that difficult. With HeatBlock you can soak up the sun comfortably.

SYNLawn is more than happy to accommodate its customers regardless of their needs. With the help of our more than 50 years of research and development, we can ensure that they receive the highest quality and most realistic products without having to sacrifice affordability. SYNLawn is here for you to ensure that all of your design ideas and landscape specifications are met. From start to finish on all of our projects, we are here for you.

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