Commercial Bocce Ball Court Systems in Sacramento, CA

At SYNLawn Sacramento, our team offers commercial bocce ball court systems for businesses in Sacramento, CA. In Sacramento and throughout the nation, the popularity of bocce ball continues to rise. In recognition of this, our team went back to the drawing board to create our very own bocce ball court systems with our Sacramento artificial grass. Our SYNPro Bocce turf provides benefits above conventional oyster shell surfaces without losing performance. Our incredible bocce surfaces may be readily accommodated into a variety of designs, including shopping centers, multi-family projects, independent and senior living facilities, and more. 

SYNPro Bocce From SYNLawn Sacramento

SYNPro Bocce from SYNLawn Sacramento is designed with true ball roll, minimum bounce, maximum drainage, and incredibly low maintenance. It is an ideal option for commercial bocce courts of all play levels due to its exceptional stability and stunning beauty.

At SYNLawn Sacramento, our bocce ball court turf is made with a concrete base over aggregate that offers uniform performance and textures. To assure the durability of your installation, our Sacramento artificial grass is then spot-glued with commercially approved adhesives. Since our SYNPro Bocce removes the need for upkeep, you will never need to mow it, water it, or waste money on pricey equipment or repairs. Other benefits of our commercial bocce surfacing include:

  • The ideal surface for bocce courts
  • Consistent ball-roll performance
  • Tough, heavy-duty design for superior durability
  • HeatBlock™ technology keeps surfaces significantly cooler
  • UV-stabilized yarns to resist fading under direct sun
  • Maximum drainage with the EnviroLoc+™ backing system
  • Stain-resistant
  • Unmatched limited lifetime warranty

Much like our Sacramento artificial grass, our SYNPro Bocce follows our low-maintenance philosophy. We wanted to ensure that your bocce ball court remains stunning and vibrant year-round without having to maintain or repair it. The superior durability provided by SYNPro Bocce withstands high activity as well as the impact of bocce balls. In addition, with its one-degree pitch, your commercial bocce court system will be available for use even after rainfall. Finally, we offer a variety of borders to complete your installation and make it uniquely yours, and further enhance its overall appeal.

Burns & McDonnell commercial artificiail grass bocce ball court

Sacramento Bocce Ball Courts Include Exclusive Innovations

Dogs playing on artificial grass

EnviroLoc+™ Backing System

At SYNLawn Orange County, our turf uses an exclusive two-part woven backing system, EnviroLoc+, which is manufactured from plant-based materials and soybean oil. For longer-lasting grass blades, EnviroLoc+ serves as a turf fiber security system by locking in grass blades. EnviroLoc+ also has a porous body, which is what makes the high drainage rate of our turf possible and hinders the growth of algae and fungi. As a result, it can also aid in the prevention of respiratory airborne allergens.

HeatBlock™ Technology

Bocce ball enthusiasts who are dedicated to their favorite sport want to be able to enjoy their court at a moment's notice; however, sometimes, it can be uncomfortable depending on the time of the year. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Sacramento, we incorporate HeatBlock technology into our bocce court installations to make this possible. Our HeatBlock is scientifically proven to keep surface temperatures significantly cooler during any part of the year. So much so that we are able to combat heat emissivity and build up to lower temperatures that can be up to 20% cooler than any other synthetic grass product on the market. This technology makes it possible for you to play poolside barefoot without the risk of burning your feet or your pets burning their paws.

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Why Choose SYNLawn Sacramento for Bocce Court Surfaces?

Over the years, SYNLawn Sacramento has utilized its exclusive technologies and benefits to innovate the synthetic grass market in Sacramento, CA. We pride ourselves in our ability to eliminate traditional maintenance, save you time and money, and give back to the environment. We are happy to work closely with our customers as well as industry professionals to ensure that every one of your specifications is met and you are completely satisfied with your commercial bocce court.


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