Sacramento Artificial Grass Installation

SYNLawn® Sacramento artificial turf is helping homeowners and businesses transform their landscapes. Our cutting-edge technologies and exclusive features help to create sustainable environments for all activities.

Zero maintenance required and a gorgeous lawn all year long. With the inclusion of our one-of-a-kind Super Yarn™ technology, our Sacramento synthetic grass is the most sanitary, durable, and longest lasting fake grass available on the market. Alongside Super Yarn™, our eco-friendly EnviroLoc™ backing system acts as a security system to secure turf fibers and help ecologically conscious customers to conserve water, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce local landfill impact.

Residential artificial grass installation by SYNLawn
Alternate view of a residential artificial grass installation by SYNLawn

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation in Sacramento, CA

Commercial properties rely on SYNLawn® for their sustainable and low-maintenance landscape designs. With extreme durability, plant-based materials, and high performance to stand up to heavy foot traffic areas, our Sacramento commercial artificial turf is perfect for any application. Lawns, landscapes, rooftop lounges, patios, poolside decks, pet areas and dog parks, playgrounds and more, can all benefit from our superior turf collection. Our products feature exclusive turf technologies, delustered fibers, and UV stabilized yarns to prevent our turf from fading, even under direct sunlight.


Sacramento Putting Greens & Golf Turf

Golfers of every age and skill level can enjoy our PGA-caliber Sacramento golf greens and golf putting surfaces. If you are looking to design your dream golf course or putting green, SYNLawn® is the perfect option for you. Our authentic-performing golf greens are designed in partnership with professional golf coach Dave Pelz to replicate the performance and ball energy absorption found on real golf courses.

SYNLawn® Sacramento putting greens provide a putt that is extremely realistic, with true ball roll and natural slow-down characteristics similar to those found on professional greens. They can be customized with rough, fringe, and fairway surfaces, sand traps, LED cup lights, and many other features. We additionally offer a portable alternative that can be easily stored and assembled to provide you with a convenient and genuine putting experience while traveling, at work, or at home.

residential artificial putting green made by SYNLawn
French bulldog enjoying SYNLawn artificial pet turf

Sacramento Pet Turf = No More Muddy Paws!

We know you love your pets, so we designed artificial pet turf in Sacramento that provides every pet owner with a peace of mind. SYNLawn®, the industry leader in artificial pet grass, blends usefulness and safety with low maintenance to create a surface that both you and your pets will love. Not only will you save time and money on lawn care by using our Sacramento synthetic pet grass, but you will also get to enjoy the many useful features such as the stain and odor resistance, cooler surface temperatures thanks to our HeatBlock™ technology, Sanitized® antibacterial, optimal drainage and more. As part of our proprietary Super Yarn™ technology, Sanitized® is proven to remove 99% of bacteria, making it ideal for keeping your lawn clean and your beloved pup safe while they enjoy their new yard. Eliminate holes in your yard, muddy paws, and hazardous chemicals that might make your pet sick, and focus on spending quality time with your pet.

Playground Turf Installation in Sacramento

Protect your children on the playground without interfering with their playtime fun. SYNLawn® Sacramento playground turf is meant to be the safest and cleanest playground flooring option available. Unlike rival manufacturers, our playground grass provides distinct features, allowing children and parents to experience the benefits of SYNLawn® Sacramento turf for playgrounds.

  • IPEMA certified and ADA compliant
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Significantly cooler surfaces for children to enjoy
  • Fall pad® provides protection from falls of up to ten feet
  • Head Injury Criteria compliance to protect against head injuries
  • Trample Zones™ are included to prevent tearing on the turf surface in high traffic areas

Roof, Deck, and Patio Turf Applications

If you have underutilized space on your roof, deck, or patio, SYNLawn® can help you transform it into your new favorite gathering place. With its unrivaled realism and lack of maintenance, it is the perfect addition to any rooftop lounge or patio area. SYNLawn® Sacramento patio turf fibers contain pure color pigments, ensuring that our deck and rooftop synthetic grass looks like a real lawn for years to come. In addition, our Sacramento rooftop artificial grass is the most environmentally friendly, high-quality, and long-lasting synthetic lawn on the market.

Residential front yard artificial grass installation
Living wall accented pool area

VistaFolia® - Sacramento Artificial Living Walls

Add luxury and beauty to your interior and exterior designs with a Sacramento artificial living wall from VistaFolia®. Artificial green walls by VistaFolia® are an excellent addition to any restaurant or resort décor. Our fake plant walls bring a sense of richness and elegance to any interior or outside space. Our artificial living wall panels are preferred by architects, hospitality designers, interior designers, and many other industry experts due to their amazingly realistic appearance and behavior. They may be embellished with a variety of colorful blooms, ivies, and textured materials. There is no need for maintenance, it is fire-tested and approved, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.


Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.


SYNTipede 243

SYNRange Pro

SYNRye 200

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