What is Pet Turf?

Pets are a part of the family, and you show them nearly as much love as you show other family members. For many households, pets can roam the house and yard. In fact, your dogs may be in your backyard more than you are! Homeowners (and especially home buyers) are looking for houses with yards to give their pets more room to run and play. One way that homeowners with yards for their pets can cut down on time spent maintaining that lawn is by switching to artificial turf for pets

Many turf options give your pet a safe place to run while giving you easier clean-up and fewer messes tracked in from the yard. Continue reading to learn about pet-friendly turf. 

What Is Artificial Pet-Friendly Turf

Artificial turf for pets is a great way to give your pets a safe space to play in the yard. It’s a type of artificial turf that is specifically designed to be used by your furry friends. Pet turf is great for animals of all sizes, whether they sprint circles or try to dig. The turf won’t pull up at the ends, so it’ll be safe for your pets to use for years to come. 

Some of the benefits of turf for pets include:

  • Drainage: Synthetic turf means fewer muddy pawprints tracked into the house. Proper drainage allows for less mud and water for your dog to get into, reducing messes.  No more muddy paws!
  • Odors: Pet-friendly turf often is antimicrobial so that it can control the odors from pet waste – this can be achieved through the use of special antimicrobial fibers, or in other cases, high-performance infill that drastically reduced the smell of pet traffic areas.
  • Easy cleanup: Most turfs are easy to clean up when your pet goes to the bathroom on it. Pick up solid waste or use the hose to rinse away liquid waste. 
  • Reduced pests: With less space for fleas and insects to hide, nest, and reproduce, your dogs and cats won’t get infested with pests or bring them inside.

With artificial turf for dogs, your entire family (two or four-legged) will have a safe, clean space to play. It will also give you more time for hikes or runs with your dogs or just playing fetch in the backyard. Artificial turf has fewer maintenance needs, so you will be able to put time normally spent mowing and caring for your lawn to hobbies or simple relaxation. 

How Much Does Pet Turf Cost? 

Just like all home improvement projects, pet turf does come with an upfront cost. However, the upfront costs are often saved in just a few years compared to the costs associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. Artificial turf can last more than 10+ years, which is 10+ years of savings on seed or sod, fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, and water. More, financing turns the upfront costs into affordable monthly payments. 

The cost of pet turf is determined by square footage, so your total cost will depend on if you are redoing the entire lawn into the turf or if you are setting up a special dog run area of your yard. 



Synthetic Grass vs. Pet Turf

As you begin looking for the right synthetic turf for your family, some options can help keep your pet and your yard safe and clean. That’s the main difference between traditional synthetic grass and pet-friendly artificial turf. With pet turf, there are added benefits like antimicrobial properties and security measures for feisty pets. Pet turf will better control odors and ensure proper drainage compared to non-pet synthetic turf options.

A few things to consider when browsing for the right pet turf for your family: 

  • The number of animals and their size – some turf products are more durable than others.
  • How much space you have for a dog run or lawn – your installer can measure, too. 
  • If you need security measures for destructive or feisty pets – make sure your turf manufacturer and installer knows you have a canine Houdini.
  • Whether the pets will usually be supervised or unsupervised – which can impact drainage and cleanup. 

If these reasons to get turf for your furry family members sound great, it’s time to investigate the pet-friendly turf options out there. 

SYNLawn’s Artificial Turf for Pets

At SYNLawn, we know how important your pets are to your family, so we have several artificial turf choices for dogs that can help reduce pests and mud in your house while still being safe for your pets. When turf safety is a concern, a professional installation can help. Experts can ensure the turf is installed properly so there won’t be issues with dogs digging up your turf. 

Contact SYNLawn Sacramento or fill out this form to get started with pet turf today.

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