How Can I Make My Playgrounds Safer in Sacramento, CA?

Making playgrounds in Sacramento, CA is simple with artificial playground turf systems from SYNLawn Sacramento. Playtime is meant to be a carefree and fun experience. At SYNLawn Sacramento, we aim to ensure this is the case for all playgrounds and play areas in the Sacramento area. Our SYNLawn synthetic playground grass is manufactured with plant-based materials, exclusive technologies, and resilient turf fibers. We have invested numerous years of research and development to create safer, cleaner, and greener playground surfacing for various applications in Sacramento, California.

Commercial Safety Standards

Our customers will be glad to know that at SYNLawn Sacramento, safety is truly our highest priority. For this reason, we laboratory test our artificial playground grass independently to meet the highest commercial standards and proper fall height attenuations. We are proud to offer IPEMA, ADA, CSA, and HIC-compliant playground turf systems.

We recognize that we have a responsibility as the leader in our industry to explore every avenue that we can to help keep those who use our products out of harm’s way. As a result, our Sacramento playground surfaces can aid in protecting children from common injuries, abrasions, and falls of up to ten feet.

Blue slide installed on artificial playground grass

Sacramento Playground Turf TrampleZones®

TrampleZones® are perfect for installation beneath swing sets, slides, jungle gyms and more. They provide additional safety for accidental falls and are highly durable to combat heavy foot traffic. In addition, TrampleZones from us at SYNLawn Sacramento are designed to be easily replaced if they are worn out – rather than having to replace the entire playground turf installation.

Fall Pad® Underlayment System

The FallPad is a ground-breaking new backing for artificial grass that offers exceptional resilience and shock absorption capabilities. The FallPad Turf Cushion features a polyester geothermal barrier and can be adjusted with drainage holes. FallPad is simple to install, as it comes in 4′ x 5′ blanks that are 2″ thick. There are several thicknesses and sizes available.

Finally, at the end of its life cycle, this Turf Cushion can be recycled and reused. It is broken down into pellets that may be utilized to create a variety of products, including toys, containers, and plastic forks, to mention a few.

HeatBlock™ Technology

Temperatures fluctuate, especially during the summer. This can very quickly make it difficult to enjoy playtime. During the summer specifically, when it is the hottest part of the year, the sun can make surfaces quite uncomfortable. In response, we incorporate the use of our very own HeatBlock technology. Much like dark clothing, grass, and grass alternatives can very quickly absorb heat from sunlight. Thankfully, our HeatBlock actively combats heat emissivity (build-up) and is scientifically proven to keep surfaces up to 20% cooler than any other competing Sacramento playground turf systems. This means that you can worry less if your children decide to kick off their shoes on our artificial playground turf as our surfaces are less likely to burn their feet.

Sanitized® Antimicrobial

Concerned about bacteria and infections? At SYNLawn Sacramento, we have you and our playground grass covered. Molecularly bound to our Super Yarn formula is the highly effective antimicrobial Sanitized® coating. Sanitized® is proven to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria from our playground turf surfaces, which can help prevent infections caused by abrasions such as Staph. In addition, Sanitized® inhibits algae and fungal growth, which are known to aggravate respiratory allergies.

playground with artificial turf installation

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For safer playgrounds in Sacramento, California, utilize artificial playground grass from us at SYNLawn Sacramento. We have years of experience in meticulously installing our Sacramento playground grass and our many other artificial grass options. Our synthetic turf is available with payment plans to accommodate virtually every budget and is backed by warranty. For more information, contact us today to take advantage of your free consultation!


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