Is Artificial Turf a Solution for Pest and Insect Control?

Insects and other pests can pervade grass lawns, causing damage to plants, family members, and pets. When they migrate from yard to home, they are even more annoying. Homeowners who stop pests in their lawns are less likely to find a creepy-crawly surprise in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. 


Reduce the pests in the yard first with and without chemical pesticides with artificial turf. A synthetic lawn also helps reduce chemical pesticide applications. One of the key benefits of artificial turf is that it reduces the quality of the habitat pests and insects need to survive. 

With Artificial Turf, Pests Lose and Families Win

Looking forward to reduced water, landscaping, and fertilizer bills, many homeowners install artificial turf for financial savings. Homeowners also rave about their reduced weekend workload. Many do not realize that pest reduction is another of the key benefits of artificial turf. 


Review these reasons why you’ll have fewer household and backyard bugs when you install artificial turf. 

Artificial turf limits pests’ food supply

Plants and flowers attract pests and insects to the area because they feed on the plant material. When you install artificial turf, you reduce the food available to them. They can’t survive without a food source and will go elsewhere to find it. 

Artificial turf reduces the standing water in the area

Water— standing water in particular—attracts pests (especially mosquitoes). Because you don’t need to water artificial turf (except to rinse it clean from time to time), there won’t be as much standing water as exists when watering multiple times a week. Sacramento grass lawns always have soft or low spots where water accumulates, or hard pan areas that won’t drain at all!. 


Before installing artificial turf, you or your installer levels the ground, reducing the lower dips where water collects. When professionally installed, artificial turf usually involves precision drainage to further limit standing water.


Artificial turf limits pests’ access to the soil

Soil is home to many pests because they lay their eggs in the soil. Artificial turf for homeowners limits access to the soil, forcing bugs to move on to somewhere they can get to the soil to feed, lay eggs, and live.

Mole holes in lawn

Pests and Insects In Artificial Turf

Flies, fleas, grubs, aphids, and more can all cause varying degrees of damage to your yard, your home, or your family (including furry family members). 


Artificial grass can significantly reduce the risk of flea infestation. Fleas cannot live on synthetic grass blades and they can’t access the soil to nest. Synthetic lawns can help your family play more freely outdoors without concerns. Free of worries about fleas in artificial grass, your family can enjoy outdoor space more often. 


For homeowners concerned about flies on artificial grass, when you clean your turf regularly, there should not be much of an issue. A simple cleaning – or deeper cleaning as needed – can reduce the number of flies. 


Other pests, like aphids or grubs, tend to lay their eggs in the soil. When your lawn is artificial turf, they cannot access the soil, so their eggs can’t be laid or hatched in the turf. While of course you will still see some pests from time to time, greatly reduced food, water, and soil means pests are greatly reduced. 


When considering the benefits of artificial turf, homeowners often overlook the increased enjoyment of outdoor spaces resulting from fewer flies and other pests. Artificial grass is one of the largest weapons in your pest-fighting arsenal. It adds to a long-term pest control plan. 


Find out what to know about artificial lawn installation so you can be sure to prepare the space for maximum benefits. Proper prep and installation can help to further reduce the impact pests have on your yard.


Do you want to explore your options for artificial turf to reduce pests and insects in your yard? The experts at SYNLawn can help Sacramento homeowners learn how fleas, flies, and other pests can be eliminated with artificial grass. They can help with choosing the right synthetic lawn so you can see all the benefits. 

Call (866) 796-5296 or fill out this form to learn how SYNLawn’s professionals can help.

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