5 Reasons to Have Artificial Turf in Sacramento

 As you walk around your Sacramento neighborhood, are you seeing more and more artificial lawns? Are you seeing more lawns that you’re not sure are natural or synthetic? We know the answer is yes. 

You’re seeing the incredible advances in synthetic turf that make it almost indistinguishable from natural grass. Here, let’s talk about why more Sacramento residents are choosing artificial turf for their homes. 


The Benefits of Having Artificial Turf in Sacramento

There are many things to love about artificial turf. Here are just a few!


No More Unwanted Mud or Puddles

Even Sacramento lawns develop unwanted puddles and wet spots. Sprinkler systems create them as much as rain. When pets and kids track this mud inside, you’re in for an hour of intensive cleaning. 

Artificial turf makes sprinkler systems obsolete. Built-in drainage systems send water through the sandy Sacramento soils and into the water table. A hose for quick cleaning? Sure. Dozens of sprinkler heads, drip lines, and complex irrigation timers? Who needs them! 

Residential artificial lawns allow us to conserve water, which is excellent for the environment. The occasional spray down uses far less water than the thrice-weekly irrigation. And water prices are only going up. The money you save on water bills begins the first month your artificial turn is installed. 


Kiss Lawn Health Issues Goodbye

One of the most significant issues that so many homeowners face when they have a natural lawn is tending to the grass and protecting it from harmful diseases. Common diseases like Rhizoctonia require a lot of your time, money, and focus. This disease is a type of fungus that many lawns encounter due to the Sacramento climate. Yellow pet spots, grass die-off and more keep your lawn looking less than inviting. 

A lot goes into general lawn maintenance, and even more when you have a lawn with dead or dying grass. By choosing the right synthetic lawn, you eliminate the need for costly fungicides and enjoy a beautiful yard all the time with little effort.


Save Money on Pesticides and Fertilizer

Pesticides and fertilizer can help keep your lawn looking healthy and disease-free. But they can be very costly, take time to apply, and some are also harmful to our environment as well as to children and pets who are exposed to them. To save yourself some time and money while also helping to protect the earth, synthetic turf is the obvious choice. The money that you save on these products will add up over time and could be spent on something you enjoy much more. 

More, cutting down on the use of pesticides and fertilizers can significantly cut down on ground pollution. Artificial turf doesn’t require these harsh chemicals that can pose a threat to children or pets. That helps eliminate additional pollutants going into your soil and the possibility of harming those you love.



Cut Down on Weekend Maintenance

Your weekends should be spent with family, enjoying relationships and common hobbies. 

Many Sacramento homeowners spend free time mowing or caring for their grass. While some may enjoy getting out in their yard every weekend and maintaining their backyard, many others only see it as an additional chore. You should consider investing in artificial turf if you are tired of spending so much time tending to your grass.

Limited lawn maintenance time is especially good news for homeowners involved in HOAs or who have neighbors that complain about unsightly lawn appearance. With artificial turf, your lawn will always look presentable even if you don’t maintain it every weekend. 

California’s cash for grass programs will pay homeowners to replace their natural lawns with synthetic grass material to help out with drought-tolerant landscaping issues. That means you can prepare for installation and convert your yard from natural to artificial grass without paying out as much from your pocket.


Eliminate Air Pollution

Sacramento residents who install artificial turn help to eliminate air pollution. Gas-powered equipment such as mowers, edgers, and trimmers produce a large amount of pollution. With millions of homeowners doing lawn maintenance during the spring and summer months, it is causing severe damage to our environment.


Find out More About the Benefits of Artificial Turf

To learn more about the cost of artificial turf, contact our experts at 866-796-5296 today. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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