Ever Wonder How to Install Artificial Grass? Here are 4 Easy DIY Turf Projects

People often associate artificial turf with lawns and sports fields. However, the reality is that artificial turf is so much more versatile than many people realize! Synthetic grass is a highly adaptable product that is easy to work with and maintain, making it a great option for DIY projects. Whether you are looking for ways to incorporate more green space into your home or workspace, consider these DIY projects that provide some insight into how to install artificial grass in creative ways:


Indoor Pathways

What better way to brighten up a space and incorporate the feeling of being outdoors than installing indoor pathways made of artificial turf? Artificial turf requires zero care and maintenance, but it can have the same effect as real plants on our brains to make us feel like we are connecting more with greenery and nature. This is especially important in the tech-driven world that often leaves many of us at work for 8-10 hours a day, usually with minimal greenery around us. This can have a snowball effect over time and lead to burnout, fatigue, and contempt for our work. Artificial turf is easy to install and can be incorporated into lobbies, foyers, or living rooms quite easily. It’s quick to install, especially when you’re using turf stackables, and there’s very little cleanup. If you can’t commit to keeping real plants alive in these spaces due to lack of sunlight or just being busy, consider artificial grass.


Recreational Indoor Spaces

Do you have an indoor space for gaming or lounging that looks a little drab? Maybe you have a garage or a covered porch that you’d like to spend time in, but it’s less than welcoming? Artificial turf is the best remedy for such a situation. Installing turf in this space lightens and brightens both the look and the feel of the place–making it a space where everyone wants to spend their time. It’s also ideal for creating a recreational space for the colder months when you don’t want to be outside, but still want the fun feeling that being outdoors brings.

Recreational Outdoor Spaces

Installing artificial turf to create a recreational outdoor space might seem like a no-brainer, but many homeowners simply don’t think of it. If you have an outdoor patio or grassy area but hate having to maintain real grass through the harsh seasons, think about installing artificial turf instead. Installation is easy, and there are a number of great natural-looking options out there. You can also add some stone-surfaced patches to add a nice flair to your turf. Some artificial grass manufacturers even make artificial grass that is plant-based, so you can feel good about helping out the environment too!


Wall Accent Spaces

This option might seem strange at first, but accent walls made of artificial turf are very popular right now! Rather than having to deal with the hassle of painting (deciding on the accent color, taping the walls, applying the paint, and handling the cleanup), consider applying turf to the wall as an accent instead. Not only does it eliminate the hassle of painting—it can make you feel like you’re more connected with nature, too. It could be a great addition to a workspace that doesn’t have much natural light or a basement that needs some spunk.


Whatever your living situation may be, there’s always some way to incorporate DIY artificial turf projects. It’s the perfect solution to lighten up any living or workspace without any hassle of upkeep.

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